Red Isle ATV Club

Where can I find maps? Who do I ask about trails?

Make a post on the ATV Club’s Facebook page, requesting maps of their trails. The mapping app is coming soon!

Red Isle ATV Club located in the Charlottetown area, is a 4 Season riding club
Facebook: Red Isle Atv Club #3 | Facebook
President: Chris Paynter

There are Currently No Events Listed!


Volunteers are required across PEI at all of our local clubs and at the Federation. Board members, trail builders, event coordinators and so much more.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact your local club or fill out the form below.

Our current Trail System spans from Winsloe-Oysterbed to Friston.

Stay tuned for more expansions coming!

Board of Directors Executive:

President – Chris Paynter
Vice PresidentSteve Robinson
Treasurer – Elaine Waddell
SecretaryKim Meunier

Board Directors Position & At Large:

Darryl RogersTrail Expansion Officer
Janelle Macdonald – Membership Manager

Board affiliates:

Janelle Macdonald Fundraising Committee Chair