Volunteer of the Month for April 2021
Congratulations to Tyler Hardy – President of the O’Leary Recreational Club!
Here are some quotes from the nominations submitted for Tyler:
  • He’s putting his ALL into getting Club #7 up and running.
  • He’s a very hard worker and very determined to get the job done.
  • He realized that these trails were part of a missing link in the ATV world on PEI and that this was an important sport for his area!
  • He has gone above and beyond in forming a group, attending other club’s monthly meetings to gain more knowledge, researching the sport, doing all the proper paperwork, speaking to landowners, and spending countless hours on trail work.
  • All day, everyday always dedicated to the club and puts his heart and soul into it each day!
 It’s not easy to start a new club from the ground up, but obviously Tyler’s doing a great job that’s appreciated by many!
Thanks to all who have made a nomination and make sure to get your nomination in for May! (All current nominations will be carried forward to future months in addition to new nominations received.)
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