Volunteer for the Month – June
Our volunteer for the month of June is Trevor Hogan! A member of the Quad Trax ATV Club, Trevor’s nominators had a lot of good things to say about him.
“Trevor has been part of the club since the beginning. He’s committed to making sure trails are in good condition, and giving everyone a legal place to ride. He takes a lot of pride in what’s been accomplished by the club, and is always out checking conditions, and working with maintaining and repairing the trails.”
“If it wasn’t for him, Quad Trax trails would be nowhere near the size it has grown without him. Not only does he work his butt off building the trails but also maintaining them as well. He is very much a behind the scene type of person and no one knows how much he contributes to the Quad Trax trails.”
“He works countless hours ensuring the trails are top notch for riders to enjoy safely. He is one of two trail coordinators. He is also the unofficial trail guide for this area and will show a good day’s ride to anyone that asks. He never wants recognition for his work. Everything he does is for the enjoyment of others. Trevor empowers people to want to help and be part of a successful club.”
Individuals like Trevor are the exact reason why our trails are safe and always ready for your enjoyment!
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