Misconceptions- Passenger under 9 yrs old

We’re going to tackle a very common misconception today.

“No passengers under the age of 9 years is the dumbest rule that ever could have been implemented.”

This statement creates the misconception that no one under the age of 9 is allowed as a passenger on our trails. In actuality passengers under the age of 9 are permitted on our legal trails, where they are not permitted is on public roads. Specifically our pilot roads.

These pilot roads were intentionally selected due to their limited vehicle volume as well as scarce housing. Participating in the Off-Highway Vehicle Pilot Project requires riders to register and insure ATVs, follow strict guidance relative to speed and vehicle traffic, and only carry passengers provided they are age 9 or older.

Know before you go. Plan your route. If you have passengers under the age of 9 make sure your route does not include these public road crossings. Your local ATV club and members are a great resource when it comes to mapping your route.

There’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings out there around rules and regulations. We encourage you to read the Off-Highway Vehicle Act Regulations. Taking the initiative to educate yourself helps combat the spread of misinformation.


When in doubt, reach out to the PEI ATV Federation. Any questions or clarifications can be directed to communications@ridepei.ca.

You can also access more information on the Off-Highway Vehicle Pilot Project here:


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