March 2021 – Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to JP Gallant – President of the Évangéline ATV Club!
Here are some quotes from the nominations submitted for JP:
“The club wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for JP and his dedication.”
“He’s the most dedicated person we have in our club.”
“He puts long hours ensuring the trails are safe, passable and well groomed.”
“His positive attitude and enthusiasm are contagious.”
“His willingness to help out anyone is unparalleled.”
“JP is always organizing fun events and social activities.”
“He has a passion for ATV’s and all things off road.”
“It takes a great team to get all of this going but it also takes a great leader to start and that is JP!”

Thanks to all who have made a nomination and make sure to get your nomination in for April!

(All current nominations will be carried forward to future months in addition to new nominations received.)

JP Gallant – President of the Évangéline ATV Club

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