Kenny Snow – Oyster Bed Esso/Big Mommas Pit Stop

We connected with Kenny Snow to talk about his business and ATVing on PEI.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Kenny moved to PEI in the 90’s. He’s been managing the Oyster Bed Esso for 25 years and obtained ownership of the establishment a few years ago.

An ATVer himself, Kenny admits he doesn’t always find the time to enjoy the sport. However he does support the riding community as a business owner and landowner and has for many years. He is a proud sponsor for the Red Isle ATV Club and grants permission to the use of his land.

The legal Red Isle ATV Clubs trail comes right to his business and he says it has been nothing but a positive experience. Riders contribute to fuel and store sales as well as takeout at Big Mommas Pit Stop in the summertime. He recommends that any business that sells items geared to riders take advantage of the proximity to trail systems. This group is putting revenue into the economy and it is a growing sport.

To the riders who visit the Oyster Bed Esso Kenny has this to say, “Be respectful of our business and follow the posted rules. Something as simple as cleaning off on a muddy day before entering the store is helpful to our staff.”

Kenny is a diehard Yamaha fan. He does warn riders he may harp on them if they aren’t riding Yamaha, even though his wife and son are now Arctic Cat owners.

Kenny points out that ATVing is a rapidly growing sport on PEI and he acknowledges that clubs and the Federation are more consistent and active. He says the sport is a great way to meet new people and make connections.

So next time you’re at the Oyster Bed Esso remember that a proud business owner supports

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