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You’ve all heard of too little, too late, right? How about too soon, too fast? 

Across the country the first warm days of spring are happening. Instead of peaking under the cover to make sure your off road machine survived the winter you are in full blown bull fighter mode, swinging that cover off like a red cape all while yelling “Olay”. The trouble is that while you are ready, a lot of the trails aren’t. 

Depending on your area it could be too soon to hit the trails. Until the frost is out of the ground and the trails have set up it’s too soon. The damage you do by riding too soon can be irreparable. You could mess up the trails for the whole season. You could be the reason the trails get closed forever.

How’s a person to know when it’s ok to ride? Easy, join the local club, they have the answers. The local clubs also have pre-season maintenance days. The thought that working on the trails may have never occurred to you. You may associate the activity as work and not fun. Fact is the groups that do all the maintenance are on to something. Hanging out with fellow trail riders is fun even without your machines. 

Ok, riding season is open and you’re so excited to ride. You just want to give’r! How about you ease up a little and practice first. Give the hard drive that resides in your helmet a little time to warm up your muscle memory. Find an open area to practice turns and brakes. Figure 8s are great fun. Practice doesn’t have to be boring. 

Once you’re warmed up and ready to hit the trail please remember that with the nice weather comes all the trail traffic. Every hiker, horseback rider, mountain biker and OHV rider that has been cooped up all winter will be out to enjoy their interaction with nature too. Be responsible and be respectful. Enjoy the spring!

This message was from our friends at the COHV – Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council.

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