Government Approves Low-Traffic Dirt Road Pilot Project For PEI ATV Use

Prince Edward Island’s provincial government has approved regulations that will allow an ATV pilot project to be completed on low-traffic dirt roads in rural PEI. Furthering the PEI ATV Federation’s goal of connecting ATV trails from tip to tip, this pilot project opens up new routes to connect the existing trail network.

After years of consultation between the ATV Federation and Department of Transportation,

Infrastructure and Energy, this effort to connect trails was only put into action after a prolonged period of public outreach. Benefits will include improved environmental sensitivity, increased safety, greater rider accountability, and boosted tourism appeal for off-Island riders.

“There are a number of areas neighboring our network where wetlands prevent ATV clubs from connecting one trail to another,” says Peter Mellish, executive director of the PEI ATV Federation. “We’re always trying to find the best possible solution for riders to avoid water crossings and sensitive zones.”

There are over 250 kilometers of existing ATV trails in PEI. Specific sections of low-traffic roads associated with the approved pilot project will connect trails that belong to two ATV clubs: East Prince Quad Trax Club (between Kensington, Kinkora, and Borden) and the Evangeline ATV Club (in the vicinity of Wellington, Abrams Village, Richmond, and Tyne Valley.)

Roads were intentionally selected due to their limited vehicle volume as well as scarce housing. Participating in the Off-Highway Vehicle Pilot Project requires riders to register and insure ATVs, follow strict guidance relative to speed and vehicle traffic, and only carry passengers provided they are age 9 or older.

PEI’s burgeoning ATV trail system is unique in Canada due in large part to close partnerships between clubs and private landowners. The intimacy with different elements of nature and agriculture is captivating. The mixed terrain keeps interest levels high for every kind of rider. There are distinct views around every corner. Just as Prince Edward Island is unique in its culture, its landscape, and its people, so too is the ATV trail system.

“We’re excited to safely connect riders to as many aspects of our trail system as possible,” says Jennifer Gallant, president of the PEI ATV Federation. “Every year, ATVs and side-by-sides become a bigger economic driver in PEI. We want to harness that drive in a responsible way, in the same way ATV clubs across Canada have been doing for many years.”

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