Rider Training

While legislation for operating an ATV differs in Canadian Provinces, The PEI ATV Federation suggests every rider take an approved ATV Rider training course.

“ATVs have a dynamic like no other vehicle.”. “Their short wheelbase and width make them more prone to tipping, and they are designed to be ridden on uneven, rough terrain. It’s important that the rider understands the characteristics of the ATV, how to turn, climb and descend hills, wear proper safety equipment, properly avoid obstacles and how to safely dismount the ATV in the event of a tip-over.”

CASI Trained Riders
On November 02nd 2019 the PEI ATV Federation hosted the first CASI Rider Training course in PEI for many years. Congrats all that to the Participated.

Spring of 2020 PEI ATV Federation will be offering Rider training course designed by the Canadian AQCC Safety Institute (CASI), a division of the Canadian Quad Council The qualified and certified instructors with CASI teach a series of lessons emphasizing safety implications related to ATVs. For example, the CASI course goes through an introduction to safety awareness, preparing to ride, getting familiar with your ATV, starting your ATV, starting riding, turning, quick stops and swerving, riding strategies, riding over obstacles, riding on hills and safe riding practices. It ends with a quiz to give you an idea of the course content.

The courses are pass/fail situations and participants are issued a certification upon completion.

 As of November 2019- Jamie Veneries will be the CASI ATV Rider instructor for PEI.

If you interested in the Rider Training course, please register with the link below

Or contact: Jamie @ 902 439-9581


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