Friday Feature | Quad Trax ATV Club # 5

Club # 5 was established in 2015 in order to give people a legal place to ride. In the very beginning the trail consisted of a run from Kinkora to Albany. Fast forward 6 years and the club has almost 70 kms of legal trail!

Quad Trax is continually committed to trail growth and is hoping to reach the north shore in the next couple of years. The pilot road project has allowed Quad Trax to connect trail heads and has positively impacted their ability to expand trails. The club’s almost 80 members can be pretty excited about that!
As the summer riding season kicks off Quad Trax plans on hosting ATV runs to collect food donations for the local food banks. As runs continue they also plan on inviting local organizations like ball teams or school groups out to host a BBQ to help them fundraise for gear, trips or any other needs they may have.
The club is hosting a run this Saturday, June 12th to celebrate the opening of a new trail. This new section of trail is an exciting addition because it gives the club a space where they can host runs, events etc. To stay up to date on upcoming events, trail conditions and more join their group on Facebook, Quad Trax ATV Club # 5.

The club’s goal is to get people out and enjoying the sport. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and we want to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers who dedicate their time to making it all happen! From the Quad Trax board members to the volunteers that help with fundraising, events and trail maintenance we thank you!

It takes a lot to maintain the trail system, to ensure landowners are happy, and to keep riders educated and safe. The club is also incredibly conscious of minimizing any negative impact on the environment. Sustainability has always been a priority for the PEI ATV Federation and clubs like Quad Trax. Quad Trax recognizes and continues to be committed to creating sustainable trails for everyone to use.

Are you thinking about joining a club? Quad Trax welcomes new members and if interested you can contact them for more information via their Facebook group. Club rules are pretty simple. Make sure your ATV, UTV or bike has a valid trail pass, registration and insurance. Especially with new access to certain dirt roads these are a mandatory requirement. They also reiterate the message of riding where you’re supposed to. Keeping to the legal trails and respecting landowners and residents is a crucial part of club culture.

Are you thinking about volunteering? Reach out to board members or via their Facebook group. Volunteers are key. There is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes so that riders can safely enjoy the trails. So if you’d like to contribute, your help is always greatly appreciated!

Quad Trax wants to remind everyone to ride smart, be safe and respect the land we use and keep to the established legal trails. Remember to be courteous to residents anywhere near the trail. This means slowing down and respecting quiet zones. Keeping all this in mind, get out and enjoy the hard work that’s been put into creating the Quad Trax ATV Club’s network of trails.


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