Rod Clow, President of the East Prince Quad Trax ATV Club #5 states ” I am very pleased to announce that it is only mid January, and out of the 100 ATV Federation Trail Permits we were given to sell. That well over half are already gone to ATV riders that believe in what we and the Federation is trying to do. Now not all 60 some of our 100 permits have our club number 5 on them and I couldn’t care less about that. I have some with the 3 on then and some with the number 2 on them and the $23.50 from each of those permits with the other club numbers on them will be given to those clubs to go into signage and bridges for their own areas. I am just thrilled to see the permits being sold and know that people are seeing the good we are doing and are standing behind us and this great sport with their support and buying Their PEI ATV Federation Trail Permits”

JP Gallant, President of the Evangeline ATV Club: ” I want to say thanks to everyone that has bought a PEI ATV Federation trail pass. It’s great to see a big numbers of ATV riders believe in what the Fed is working for, to provide a safe and legal trails for us to ride on. All 5 clubs across PEI are working hard and in one years it’s great to see what we have accomplished.”

Larry Waite President of the Tignish Sportman Riders. “As President of TSR ATV Club #1, I would like to thank everyone who has bought a PEI ATV Federation trail pass, we have sold 33 already only two weeks into 2017.. it’s great to see our local ATV riders see the hard work that all clubs and the federation are working towards. I think we all want the same thing and that’s to have safe, legal trails to ride on!!!! All 5 Island clubs along with their volunteers have proven hard work pays off… So to all the volunteers.. hats off to you!

Also a special Thank you too all who have bought TSR memberships as well .. we always had great support from all members , some who don’t even own an ATV… We have had a great year.. here’s hoping 2017 is gonna be even better.. always remember safety first!”

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