Feature Friday – Evangeline ATV Club

Today we’re featuring the Evangeline ATV Club. The original club was formed 30 years ago when 10 guys all pitched in $100 to build a clubhouse. Fast forward to 2007 and you have a club that started with 20 members and has grown to 130! The Evangeline club is made up of 12 board members that are all elected. Club President JP Gallant points out that “it’s a pleasure working with such dedicated board members.” This club has about 80km of summer trails and 90km of groomed winter trails.


The Evangeline clubhouse is quite the spot. It’s the epicenter of social gatherings for this club and is pretty well known for hosting live music and the clubs weekly 50/50 draw. Club President JP Gallant says “A clubhouse is such a great place to meet people and host so many different events.” Among those events you can find ATV runs, Mud Fest, snowshoeing excursions and family events. Even the local school kids come once a year for a sled ride through the trails. A highlight for many club members who enjoy seeing all the smiling faces!


The Evangeline ATV Club is always welcoming new members and anyone interested can reach out to Danny Richard, the man in charge of club membership. This club can be found on Facebook (tag Evangeline ATV Club 2) and we encourage you to follow them for information about trail conditions, volunteer opportunities as well as events and fundraising.


JP says “we are very lucky to have such a great group of people who volunteer.” Volunteering is a big part of events and trail maintenance. It’s a crucial part of any club. If you’re interested in volunteering, reach out to JP Gallant for more information and opportunities.


As for being a member of this club, JP says there are a few rules that they encourage riders to follow.


  1. Have your bike registered, plated and insured.

  2. Respect all landowners’ property.

  3. When trails are closed, stay off them.

  4. No drinking and driving!


This club likes to give back to the community and they say the community has been a great support too! Their biggest fundraiser is most notably the shed raffle which is held annually in September in partnership with Lennox Recovery House. They also have a great partnership with the Wellington Fire Department and local school.


As the riding seasons shift from summer to winter the Evangeline ATV Club would like to ask all riders to remember to stay on the trails. They have a great relationship with their land owners and respecting farmers’ fields to prevent damage to their crops is essential to maintaining a strong partnership. The generosity of land owners is greatly respected by this club and they ask their members to follow suit.

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