The PEI ATV Federation is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Mellish as the Executive Director as of September 2019. (A motion was carried by unanimous vote by the PEI ATV Federation Board of Directors)

Peter has been the President of the PEI ATV Federation since 2017, and was the Vice-President for 2 years before that. He has been instrumental in the growth and progression of our Federation over the last 4 years. During this time, he has gained knowledge and built invaluable relationships with key stakeholders, which has brought us to our present position as we engage in this new and exciting vision for ATV’ing on PEI.

As Executive Director, Peter will report directly to the Board, and will be responsible for carrying out the Board’s decisions. He will be involved in the day-to-day management of the Federation, but will also be the primary liaison with stakeholders and will ensure that the strategic plan of the Federation continues to move forward.

The Federation is currently facing very crucial times for our sport. A number of requests have been put forth to the PEI Government, including the low-volume dirt roads pilot project, which is expected to be launched in the spring. It’s imperative that the Federation has proper representation in place to keep moving forward. It has become more work than what volunteers can handle at the present time, which is the reason the Board of Directors has decided to take this approach. Most volunteers work, and have other commitments that only allow for a certain amount of time to be spent on Federation work.

Other PEI ATV Federation Board of Directors Executive updates:

  • Following Peter’s Executive Director appointment, he has had to step down as the President. (The Executive Director can not hold a position on the executive) Therefore, the board is currently left without a President or Vice-President
  • Larry Waite is currently acting as meeting Chairman, in the interim, until an interim President and/or Vice-President is appointed
  • Suzanne Muttart has moved from the secretary position, into the interim Treasurer position
  • Julie Gallant is currently the interim Secretary

All executive board member positions will need to be filled at our next Annual General Meeting. Therefore, if you or someone you know is an avid, passionate ATV enthusiast, who’d like to become a dedicated volunteer, please consider a nomination or putting your own name forth. The PEI ATV Federation will hold the AGM within the first quarter of the new year.

Please join us in congratulating Peter in this new role! We look forward to our future successes as a Federation, as we continue to grow our sport and advocate for all ATV’ers across PEI.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out via email


The Board of Directors of the PEI ATV Federation

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