Environmental Code of Practice

The PEI ATV Federation is proud to announce the completion and implementation of their
ATV Environmental Code of Practice (ATVECOP). This document provides environmental
management guidelines for all environmental aspects of trail planning, construction,
operation and decommissioning. The ATVECOP also provides a reference to various
legislation and regulations applicable to the ATV trails on PEI.

The sustainable planning, construction and operation of ATV trails on PEI is a recognized
necessity of the Federation and member Clubs. A joint consultation with ATV
Clubs/membership, government regulators, land owners and other stakeholders enabled the
development of the ATVECOP. Adoption of the ATVECOP by ATV Clubs is a condition of
their membership in the Federation. Clubs must sign a Compliance Agreement to maintain

The ATVECOP environmental objectives operate with the following elements of trail
sustainability: physical force (speed, weight, traffic level), soils, water (rain, run-off, streams,
ponds) and engineering (design options for stream/river crossings, design of harden trail
surfaces). A quality trail depends on the effective and equal application of planning, design,
construction, maintenance and management.

In 2020, the Federation revised its governance and by-laws to include requirements that
Clubs must meet in order to maintain their good standing. There are now eight (8) Clubs in
the Federation, with a number of legacy trail systems and associated infrastructure (trail
heads, club houses, bridges, etc.).

Up until 2020/21 legacy trail systems had not been reviewed through an environmental
sustainability lens. The PEI ATV Federation has now established an ATV Environmental Trail
Reconnaissance (ETR) program which pays specific attention to watercourse crossings,
connecting trails in buffer zones and segments in wetlands (shrub, treed swamps). We are
pleased to report that we have completed recon and assessments on four (4) out of eight (8)
of our Clubs to date.

This is a momentous occasion for the PEI ATV Federation as this document establishes the
building blocks for further development of this growing sport on PEI. The Federation is
currently the only trail group on PEI and in most of Canada that has developed and adopted
an Environmental Code of Practice.
The Federation aims to support rural communities, promote tourism and operate in an
environmentally sustainable manner. It is the Federations mission to educate Islanders on
the benefits of riding an ATV or side-by-side as well as to create and operate a safe,
respectable, environmentally sustainable sport.

As we establish, create and maintain sustainable trails on PEI, we also provide a safe space
for ATV, side-by-side and dirt bike operation. We continue to use our social platform to
educate our riders, always instilling our mantra Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe.

You can now view the document in its entirety, here.

Special thanks to:
Granville Ridge Consulting
Innovation PEI
Rural and Regional Development
PEI Department of Environment Energy and Climate Change
PEI Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
PEI ATV Federation Member Clubs
PEI Department of Economic Growth and Tourism
National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council
Canadian Quad Council

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