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The marriage between ATV users and a body to police their activity is potentially a brittle bond.

But starting in spring, Islanders could see a pilot project that would allow ATV riders to legally use their machines on low traffic roads.

A low-traffic road is used seasonally, like in the spring or summer, but not plowed in winter.

Of course, the regulations would first need the blessing of PEI’s Legislature since it would mean a change in the law.

Ok, fast forward to any number of rural back roads in the province, paved or otherwise. The odds of seeing or hearing an ATV are great any time of year.

It’s impossible to police many of these roads. The backdrop is typically wooded and provides any number of escape routes obviously giving ATVs the ability to outmaneuver a police car.

ATVs are expensive machines and the majority of riders are responsible in operating their machines and respectful of other people’s property.

However, there is always the exception, hence the need for laws governing ATV usage.

One of the main purposes of any law is safety – protection for both the user and the general public.

So, if riders are going to ride anyway it might be best to designate sanctioned areas. It’s not a concession, it’s the justifiable thing to do.

There are any number of advantages in accommodating riders.

#1: Having access to less travelled routes would give riders access to many parts of the Island they currently have no access to.

As it stands now if an ATV rider wants to connect to an already established trail, they may have to seek permission from a landowner or ride on pavement. (Property owners aren’t always easy to locate and it’s against the law to ride ATVs on pavement.)

#2: Organized ATV clubs already exist so there’s potential to expand on memberships or open the door to events that could attract out-of-province riders too. A potential plus for the economy.


The blanket of ATV operators often get a bum rap when one rider breaks the law. It’s a puzzling response since those short on driving skills who operate a car or truck are criticized as one and not masses of drivers.

ATV riders like everyone else have a voice and they are calling for change. In changing times, the prudent thing to do is accommodate their needs but with constraints in accordance with the law.

That takes us back to policing. For everyone’s sake the specifics need to be ironed out before opening the gates. Laws must be fixed and penalties for infractions enforced by both police and the courts.

Story appeared in here in The Eastern Graphic  by Heather Moore , she is the editor of The Eastern Graphic. She can be reached at

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