Derrick Curley – Monaghan Farms
Derrick Curley is a 6th generation potato and seed farmer who has proudly supported ATVing on PEI since 2016.
Derrick says that ATVing on PEI is a great pastime and he’s happy to support the growing sport. Agriculture is undeniably a huge part of the island and he says granting access to his land is what’s enabling the development of trail systems.
His own experiences with the PEI ATV Federation, clubs and riders have been positive and without incident. He says that riders have historically been respectful and follow the assigned trails and abide by posted signage. His advice to riders on PEI is simple, stay on the assigned trails and stay off of them when the conditions are not fit.
He adds that when the trails are not fit for riding there are sensitive areas that can be greatly damaged by things like large ruts from a bike. Ruts in a sensitive area like grass waterways can cause excessive erosion and have crippling effects for farmers.
His advice to reluctant landowners; Support the growing sport. Since he began granting access 5 years ago, he has had no incidents. He says that the Federation and clubs have been very respectful working with him when it comes to things like trail location, maintenance and when trails should be open and closed.
The relationships between landowners and the PEI ATV Federation are vital to the continued growth of ATVing on PEI. Without landowners like Derrik our trail systems would not be what they are today.
So remember that every time you take the Quad Trax trail from Kensington to Kinkora or Kensington to North Granville your ability to do so is made possible by Derrick and Monaghan Farms.
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