Backwoods Burger

If you haven’t heard of Backwoods Burger in Tyne Valley you’re missing out! Backwoods vibes, big city flavour. Owner Erica Wagner is incredibly grateful for the support she’s seen from the ATV community. She says that support seems to be growing too. She credits ATVers for one of her busiest winters ever this past year.

It’s obvious that Backwoods Burger has become a popular stop on the trail so here’s some advice for ATVers and groups. If your group is planning to stop in at Backwoods it’s recommended you call ahead. Calling ahead helps staff prepare to accommodate your group so all you have to worry about is devouring some amazing food.

When it comes to experiences with the ATV community Erica says she’s had nothing but positive ones. She adds that the ATVers she’s encountered really care about being safe, lawful and supporting local businesses.

Backwoods Burger has been supporting the ATV community for a few years now. The catalyst was being approached about signage on the trail system. That initial introduction to the federation and local clubs has continued to be a really positive experience for Backwoods Burger.

Erica’s advice to other businesses is to reach out to the clubs in their area and find out about local trails and events that could have a positive impact on their business. Donating to club fundraisers and events is also a great way to support the ATV community. Even something as simple as writing a message of support on your social media or displaying a decal on your window helps too!

We thank business owners like Erica Wagner and establishments like Backwoods Burger for being a continued supporter of the ATVing community here on PEI. Next time you’re in Tyne Valley, no matter the mode of transportation, stop in at Backwoods Burger for some local craft beer and a menu full of good eats.

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