ATV Sales In PEI Jumped 8 Percent In 2020 Despite Limited Stock – For The First Time, Over 500 New Bike Sales Expected In 2021

The Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council has revealed data that shows an 8-
percent increase in the number of ATVs sold in PEI in 2020. Compared with the prior year, new
ATV sales grew to 460 units. Total sales of new and used top out at 860 units in 2020.That
growth occurred despite limited inventory at Island ATV dealers and store closures during one of
the busiest ATV selling seasons.

“This is simply more proof that the future of ATVing in Prince Edward Island is extraordinarily
bright,” says Peter Mellish, the executive director of the PEI ATV Federation. “As more and
more people join the sport, there’s a cascading effect that spills over into all aspects of the
industry. There’s more demand for trails. There are more volunteers to accelerate trail
development. There’s more funding for trail development through trail permit purchases. There
are more friends and family who want to join in on the fun. And there are more voices being
heard on key ATV-related issues.”

The funding for trail development is primarily sourced through the PEI ATV Federation trail
permits acquired by ATVers each year. The number of trail permits issued to Island riders
skyrocketed by 464 percent between 2016 to nearly 1,900 in 2020.

It’s widely expected that 2021 will mark a major milestone in the PEI ATV community with over
500 machines sold. That doesn’t include the growing number of side-by-sides or the crossover
appeal of dirt bikes, which are also granted access to the trail network with a Federation permit.
Yet there remains plenty of room for significant growth in PEI’s off-highway market. On a per
capita basis, PEI registers fewer than half as many ATVs as, for example, Newfoundland and

There are now over 450 kilometres of ATV trails in PEI. With each new kilometre added, seven
ATV clubs in PEI grow closer to the ultimate goal of tip-to-tip riding. Every additional ATV sold in
PEI is essentially a downpayment toward the ultimate goal.

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