The Time for Action

The PEI Government has recently announced their intent to legalize additional ATV crossings of the Confederation Trail as well as some dirt roads and crown land. The PEI ATV Federation is working closely with the government to ensure that we are heard, our needs are met and that we can continue growing this sport in our communities and across our province.

Over the past years our five ATV clubs have been using several Confederation Trail crossings. Our request is to legalize these trail crossings and allow us a limited amount more to link our trails as one. There has been one legal Confederation trail crossing in Winsloe – Royalty Junction (high usage area) for the past 3 years without incident or damage to the crossing area.  

Some groups are publicly opposed to the announcement that the government has made with their intent to implement and legalize a limited number Confederation Trail crossings for ATV use in order to connect our clubs trail systems.  The individuals and groups are communicating their concerns to government officials via emails, messages, phone calls and conversations.  

It is very important that the government knows that the PEI ATV Federation’s requests and proposals are important to our membership and all ATV enthusiasts on PEI.  Therefore, we need you to lobby the government to make our presence known. Without this we cannot further develop our independent clubs trail system. 

Why should you do this?

  • YOU can make a difference
  • People CAN change laws 
  • It will help find REAL solutions to help our sport grow
  • YOUR passion & perspective needs to be heard by government officials
  • If you what to make a difference NOW is your chance

Please let your MLA’S, Premier Dennis King and Minister Steve Myers know that you support the requests put forth by the PEI ATV Federation and why it’s important to you. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Peter Mellish, on behalf of the PEI ATV Federation


Members of The PEI Legislature

Premier Dennis King – 

Hon. Darlene Compton –    

Hon. James Aylward –  

Hon. Jamie Fox –   

Hon. Ernie Hudson – 

Hon. Matthew MacKay

Hon. Steven Myers – 

Hon. Brad Trivers – 

Hon. Bloyce Thompson – 

Hon. Colin LaVie – 

Trish Altass – 

Michele Beaton – 

Hannah Bell – 

Karla Bernard – 

Members of The PEI Legislature

Peter Bevan-Baker – 

Cory Deagle – 

Sonny Gallant – 

Ole Hammarlund – 

Robert Henderson –

Stephen Howard – 

Natalie Jameson –

Lynne Lund – 

Heath MacDonald – 

Sidney MacEwen – 

Gordon McNeilly – 

Robert Mitchell – 

Hal Perry – 


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