Annual General Meeting Held

Saturday, May 29th the PEI ATV Federation held their Annual General Meeting where the federation and club representatives gathered to discuss the previous years standings. PEI ATV Federation President Jennifer Gallant kicked off the meeting with a summary of some important accomplishments.

We have seen how the Covid lock-down has had a positive influence on the sport and renewed an interest in riding. The PEI ATV Federation saw the addition of 3 new clubs over this past year. We welcomed The Cornwall Trail Blazers Club # 6, O’Leary Recreational Club # 7 and West Country Trail Riders Club # 8.

2020 was a record breaker with 1898 trail passes sold! We predict we will surpass this number in 2021.
In August of 2020, Peter Mellish was hired as Executive Director of the PEI ATV Federation and he’s been busy ever since. The position is invaluable to the organization and Peter has been building many relationships and partnerships that have established him as the go-to guy for the PEI ATV Federation.

The PEI ATV Federation has also forged stronger relationships with various government departments. A notable development has been the appointment of a government liaison who helps the federation in getting updates, answers and ensuring that anything sent from our end is received. This liaison has been an absolute asset to our organization.
The 2020 Dirt Road Pilot Project was a huge accomplishment and the first time ever on PEI ATV’s can share public roadways. It took 2 years to accomplish and signage has recently been posted on these roads, signaling this great victory!

Access to crown land and road crossings are ongoing projects as they are key elements towards a mapping system. The federation recognizes that maps are the public’s top inquiry and is working towards legal, well marked, officially mapped trail systems. While the federation continues to work on bringing this project together it is crucial that our riders keep to the legal trails and abide by rules and regulations.

In closing, the PEI ATV Federation was proud to finally introduce the new Environmental Code of Practice. This document opens so many opportunities for the PEI ATV Federation, with more information to come. Club presidents signed their Code of Practice agreement and received copies of the living document that will continue to grow and adapt.

PEI ATV Federation President, Jennifer Gallant thanked the PEI Government for their collaboration and support over the past year. Covid has been our government’s top priority but they have still lent an ear.

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait, it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” The PEI ATV Federation would like it’s riders to know that obstacles are beginning to vanish and good things are happening for our sport. Your continued support, patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated as we continue to work towards growing our sport for all to enjoy on PEI.


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