JP in front of Evangeline club house

The ATV Club in the Évangéline region is very busy with several upcoming projects.

“Last year we bought a snow groomer to keep the surface smooth, keep the snow compacted and provide better protection to the trail system,” said Club President Jean-Paul Gallant.

“We had to borrow money to finance this groomer, so we need to do fundraising activities to ensure that we can make our payments and pay for expenses for the club house near St.Timothy and still maintain and expand our trail system. The cabin is accessible by ATV or even by automobile”, Jean-Paul explains proudly.

“Our weekend activities are open to all, you do not need to have an ATV, you can go to the club house by car and participate in the activities that take place there. Often, we have musicians, food, etc. “, added the president of the Club.

For the past two years, the Club has been working very hard on trail development. “With the help of a provincial government project, we were able to hire two people for 12 weeks to clear the trail paths in the woods from Richmond to Enmore and also towards Tyne Valley. We only have a few small bridges left to install. We hope to have the new sections of the trail ready by June, “explains Jean-Paul. “We often have people as far away as Tignish, Charlottetown and Montague come enjoy our trails.”

Jean-Paul Gallant, who has been involved with the Evangeline Club for 26 years, points out that the PEI ATV Federation has become more active in recent years and now has a 12-member executive board. Jean-Paul Gallant represents the Evangeline Club on this board. There are also clubs in Tignish, East Prince, Queens County and Eastern Kings, which are represented in this Federation.

The Evangeline Club has other expenses in addition to the development of its trails. There’s signage on the trail, electricity for the cabin, the snow groomer, and so on. So the funds that are collected with the various activities help pay for the expenses. “Our trails are well marked and so are the locations such as gas stations. We spent close to $2,000 for all sorts of signs. The signs need to be easily visible especially at night.

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